Competitive Food

rock sweets and other sweet snacks and confectioneries are living proofs of the English sweet tooth. Rock sweets are candy-cane inspired concoctions that consist of boiled sugar with a minty flavor. Be very careful, they are such a proud tradition in candy stores in certain parts of the UK.

Rock Sweets Recipes with Harry Potter Fervour

Watch your tongue when making comments about rock sweets here and there. You have no idea how much trouble a negative comment can get you. Many recipes are under lock and key across England. And you must make a distinction between rock sweets and rock candies. Some people strongly maintain that the two are not the same.

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Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Nevertheless, there are more UK food competitions about real food than desserts. For example, the first ever chicken nuggets eating contest will premier in London this August. Manchester will not be left behind. It's hosting a similar contest in September this year. In both cities, there will be separate competitions for men and women.

One Never-Ending British Tradition

Such food festivals are a worthy addition to an ever-growing list of competitions meant to line up the belly as well as the pocket. There's simply no better way to bring a whole community together. The best way to a man's heart is through good food or so an old saying goes.

And the Winner Is...

However, a quick sweep of eating competitions prove without doubt that women are as much a part of the call of the stomach as men. True, Britain's fastest eater on record is a male. Adam "Beard" Moran is as much a YouTube sensation as a food festival junkie.

However, the second place belongs to a woman with many more women waiting in her wings. By and large, the other sex figure just as prominently in food fests as men do. Hence, without doubt, both sexes are equally represented when it comes to competing for food.

How Did It All Begin?

No one knows for sure who ever orchestrated the first ever eating contest. But one thing is for sure. Food fests are here to stay, at least as far as Britons are concerned.

And it's certainly not a cultural thing.In many parts of the world, eating contests are one of the most popular competitions. There are many reasons for such worldwide fascination.

Food Fests from the British Point of View

Ultimately, all such competitions are ripe with sponsorship opportunities. And that's why as Moran admits, he has earned more from food competitions than from his real job. Whether it's YouTube or Facebook, people just can't resist the photo or video opt of someone heartily gobbling up something at the rate of Speedy Gonzales.

True, an eating contest might not be a healthy fare for most people. There's certainly nothing healthy about consuming huge quantities of burgers, fries or pancakes on the fly. However, it does bring the human side of all of us. We are what we eat. And don't forget, with the skyrocketing cost of food on a global scale--joining a contest of such a nature may be the best means to save on costs.